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(The Washington Post, front page, 2/7/99)

Dc Inspection
Price: $225.00

Scenario:There aren’t enough hours in the day, between work and home responsibility. Who has time to navigate around the time of the DMV? Where is the inspection station located? What time do they open and close? How long will it take to get the vehicle through?

With us – it is easy! You call and make an appointment with USVRS. We pick up your vehicle at your home or office and take it through the DC Inspection. You relax, we suffer.
Lead Time: We need 24 hours
notice for this service.
Turnaround Time: You’ll receive it the same day.

For DC Inspection we will need the following documents:

Vehicle Prep:

  1. Please remove all money, electronics, and valuables from the vehicle.
  2. The gas tank should be at least 1/2 full.
  3. The vehicle's interior should be clean.
  4. Inform the driver of any peculiar/odd habits the vehicle may have.

Give us a call and schedule your service:
m 202-321-2558
ph 202-342-2558
f 202-342-2559