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"My car is safer with USVRS than it is with my wife." - Norman Goldin

"I was a bit apprehensive about turning my car over to a stranger. My first experience with USVRS
was so pleasant that I have used their services many times since then." - Margeret Fassett

"The USVRS has saved me dozens of hours of time and frustration. The care of your car is impeccable."
- Kate McKeown

"Fellow citizens, we need to free ourselves from the tyranny of those DMV lines!" - Mayor Anthony Williams
(The Washington Post, front page, 2/7/99)

The Trip
Price: $600.00

Scenario: You’ve just moved to town and need the whole kit and caboodle for your vehicle done. Or you simply need to have lots and lots of our services completed. Then our combined “Trip” package is for you. You can get everything done in one day for a more economical price. The Trip includes Title, Registration, Inspection, and Parking Permit.
Lead Time: We need 48 hours
notice for this service.
Turnaround Time: You’ll receive it the same day.
Below you'll find a list of simple things we will need from you in order to assist with the process of registering your car in the District of Columbia.
Vehicle Prep:
  1. Please remove all money, electronics, and valuables from the vehicle.
  2. The gas tank should be at least 1/2 full.
  3. The vehicle's interior should be clean.
  4. Inform the driver of any peculiar/odd habits the vehicle may have.
Please keep in mind that your vehicle has to pass inspection before it can be registered in the District. In the event that your vehicle fails, don't worry! We'll give you free advice about what to do and where to go (as well as info on associated fees).

You will receive your vehicle title in the mail 10 to 15 days after registration (*if there is no lien, loan, security agreement, or lease). As a rule, the DMV will send it in a nondescript envelope that may seem like junk, so please be mindful of that when you're sifting through your mail at the end of the day.

*If the vehicle has a lien, loan, security agreement, or lease; the title will be sent directly to the institution.

Special note:If your title doesn’t get mailed to you (or your bank/lease holder) in 15 days, don’t worry. As a courtesy to you, we will make another trip to make sure the title gets where it needs to be.

So...what should you do with the old license plates? Turn them in as soon as possible. If they're from DC, MD, or VA; you can hire us to do this for you, as well, and we will give you the receipt that you will need for your insurance. In all other jurisdictions, we recommend asking a friend or family member to turn the plates in to the DMV office on your behalf. Never send them in the mail.

Give us a call and schedule your service:
m 202-321-2558
ph 202-342-2558
f 202-342-2559


You must call 24 hours in advance to cancel this service.