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DC Title Work
Price: $400.00

Scenario: You have your vehicle inspected and you need to change your registration and tag title.
We can help.
Lead Time: We need 48 hours notice for this service.
Turnaround Time: You’ll receive it the same day.

We will need (please read carefully and thoroughly):

If you’ve paid off your vehicle lien/loan or lease, you’ll need the original letter from the bank officially stating the release.

If you have a vehicle lien/loan or lease, you will need to give us a copy of the loan/lease agreement. Give us a call for more information for further documentation.

If you just bought this vehicle new from a dealership, we’ll need all the paperwork they gave you, including: the bill of sale, the odometer statement, and the dealer installment agreement.

A signed check made out to the DC Treasurer with the amount left blank. We will use this to pay for your services

*Special note: If your title doesn’t get mailed to you (or your bank/lease holder) in 15 days, don’t worry. As a courtesy to you, we will make another trip to make sure the title gets where it needs to be.

Give us a call and schedule your service:
m 202-321-2558
ph 202-342-2558
f 202-342-2559


You must call 24 hours in advance to cancel this service.